TheMarbler kapat

The Marbler Inc. We are keeping the pulse of the marble sector in Turkey and we are working to provide the best service to you. We are building a marble palace by making all kinds of customs to reach a view you want in your living space. Our marbles you can use for kitchen, bathroom, interior coating, exterior coating, decorative products, pool, garden and floor covering will make you happy. We will be able to accommodate your guests elegantly with marble, which we offer to you with our skilled staff and quality workmanship; You will feel strong in your place.



As is known, there are approximately 290 marble types in Turkey. In this sense, our country, which is in the first place in the world, is a very successful point in the sector. These marbles which are fascinated by native and foreign customers are offered not only in our country but also outside as well. Turkey is also one of the most important natural stone processing countries in the world due to the quality of the marble processing technology.


The foundation stone of modern decoration

After the metamorphism process, rocks emerging in a form with carbonate composition are called marble. Rocks are offered for sale after cutting, polishing, processing and polishing processes after they are removed from their places.

From a commercial point of view, these marbles have many uses. We are now seeing the marvelous traces of the marble industry, which is growing more and more in Turkey, in many houses, businesses and hotels.

Because it reflects modern stance and aesthetic perceptions in an eye-catching manner, marbles, which are frequently preferred, are used especially for decoration purposes. Everyone who wants to add a gentle and humble touch to the place of work or to the circle is offered sales in different models and colors. Antique Beige, Bursa White, Emperador Light, Emperador Dark and Bursa Light Beige are the most preferred varieties of marble that you can often encounter in the gates, offices, bathrooms and kitchens, pools and hotel lobbies.