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Bursa Light Beige

Your houses are coming to life

Bursa Light Beige which is one of the commonly accepted and demanded marble types in Turkey and in international markets is dazzling everyone with its light colour tones.

This marble type with perfect sound of beige, gives a fresh air to every area it is used and it is different from all the other marbles with its elite look. Bursa Light Beige is produced by The Marbler Inc. and has been exported internationally. Many countries are ordering this marble frequently. The Marbler Inc. with Bursa Light Beige marble model that is produced in marble quarry’s located in the most important points of Turkey, is standing in the front lines of the sector. Bursa Light Beige is designed in various models such as block, slab, tile, flooring, counter-top, decoration piece and step is mainly preferred by businesses as it brings strong image.



The Marbler Inc. is highly successful in production efficiency and they provide excellent craftsmanship and quality design to the customers. The firm focuses on customer satisfaction and is known for its marbles; firms Bursa Light Beige model caught attention of many businesses. Bursa Light Beige is being used in many houses due to light colour and model. This marble type represents simple, strong and determinant image and it founds life in the hands of craftsmen of The Marble Inc.


The Marble Inc. is producing marble types which are elegant, chick and has unique designs. Especially Bursa Light Beige model is under the spotlight. The firm is successful in every step it takes from national marketing to export and the firm is frequently selected as it provides guarantee to the products. Bursa Light Beige is commonly used in shopping malls, hotels and entrances of residents and it is loved among the customer as it has a perfect look.

If you want to give your office or home a chick and strong image and impress the people who come to visit you, you should take a look at this marble type designed by The Marble Inc. With quality marbles, light and chick colour and design, Bursa Light Beige is at the peak point of marble world.